Aesthetics Consultation in Kent

with Dr Murshid Salman, Founder, DDS Dentist, Faicial Aesthetics Trainer

Aesthetics with Dr Murshid Salman in Kent

Are you looking for a highly experienced and qualified aesthetic clinician? If so, then you need to book a consultation with Dr Murshid Salman at Fine Art Aesthetics. Based in Kent and East Sussex, Dr Salman has years of experience in providing specialist cosmetic treatments to clients from across the UK.

Dr Salman has a proven track record in the aesthetics field, he does not only practice but also trains students. With an advanced knowledge of facial anatomy, he is able to tailor treatments to each individuals needs. He is highly experienced and can provide a comprehensive range of treatments such as skin rejuvenation, PRP, anti-wrinkle treatments, and dermal fillers.

A consultation with Dr Murshid Salman allows you to discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations. Dr Salman will take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns, and will create a bespoke treatment plan that is tailored to you. He will also be able to advise you on the best products and techniques for your particular skin type and condition, ensuring you get the best results from your treatment.

At Fine Art Aesthetics, safety is paramount. Dr Murshid Salman and his team adhere to a strict set of standards to ensure that all clients receive the highest quality of care. They use the latest and most advanced equipment, and only use products that are approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced aesthetic clinician in Kent, then book a consultation with Dr Murshid Salman at Fine Art Aesthetics. You can be sure that you will receive the best possible care and results, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Your Medical History

Dr Salman will ask you for a full medical history at the consultation. He will only commence treatment if he is confident you are medically suitable for it. Dr Salman may refer to your GP if necessary. There are certain contraindications to lip filler treatments which may mean you cannot have the treatment. 

Dr Murshid Salman Fine Art Aesthetics Botox in Kent

Dr Murshid Salman

DDS Dentist and Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

Dr Murshid Salman is the founder and director of Fine Art Aesthetics. He is a registered dentist with a special interest in aesthetics as well as cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr Salman is an affiliate of the Royal College of Surgeons and an associate member of the FGDP. After completing dentistry in 2003, Dr Salman went on to study facial injectables in 2008. He then went on to study aesthetics at a Master’s degree level and is currently a teacher and trainer at Harley Academy in London.  Dr Salman’s principle is that every patient should be treated as an individual and receive personal care from a highly trained professional and every treatment plan should be tailored…

Dr Murshid..."here with you through every step"

Book your free consultation with Dr Murshid Salman at one of our clinics in Kent or East Sussex. Dr Salman would be delighted to meet you and explain options for your areas of concern.

Brands We Work With

We work with brands that are renowned for their reliable and effective results, so you can trust that you are in good hands. We strive to bring you the best in aesthetics and take the time to research the latest products in order to bring you the best options.